Then & Now

Back when I was a freshman, I was that kid that always tried to keep up with the upperclassmen of FASA (old heads, i’m sure y’all remember). A big part of that was because my Ate, JP, was one of the old heads. I would hangout with them day and night, but I would feel out of place. At times I’d think, “shouldn’t I be hanging out with people in my class or at least my age?” But eventually it felt normal to be around them and now I look up to them as my older brothers and sisters.

When I moved from Canada to the United States, I knew absolutely no one in high school. It was as if I was starting a new life – no friends and no one knows who I am, basically a clean slate. Eventually I settled in and made new friends without a problem. However, after I graduated there were only about two or three people that I kept in touch with. As for the rest of them, they all became acquaintances again. This needed to change.

Prior to starting my first year at UMBC, my goal was to attain and maintain good grades while attempting to have a social life. The social life part was a complete fail during my first month despite living on campus. Soon enough I was integrated into FASA, and as mentioned earlier I began to hang out with the old heads. This time around however, I did things differently from high school. Even after all of the old heads graduated, I have been able to sustain the same relationships from then until now.

As evidence of the last statement, I have been partaking in FBF (Full Body Friday’s) at LTF over the past month along with JP, JF, and PM (before he relinquished his membership *tear*). These Fridays have been something that I look forward to at the end of every week and once I start working on Monday, I will look even more forward to hitting the gym with these oldies!


5 thoughts on “Then & Now

  1. I remember running into you and your family at Arundel mills maybe the first month of your first year at UMBC. I was thinking you’d be a great member! hahaha cuuuuute. ahahah (yeah, kinda random)

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