As of late I have had tons of time to myself and I have invested most of it into self reflection – something I’ve never really taken the time to do. Not once have I really stopped to think about all of the things on my plate. Sometimes you think that you can handle this, this, and that. But the truth is you can’t, not without balance. Little did I realize that since the beginning of the year I put way too many things on my plate. In the end, things gave way and the plate shattered. I have always been one to believe that I could take on any challenge. Not out of cockiness, but out of confidence. This time was different though. The circumstances presented were completely new and my inexperience got the best of me.

I learned that balance is a very important aspect in life and it tends to get overlooked a lot. Whether it is work-life balance or relationship-life balance, it is something that constantly needs to be worked on and cannot be ignored. I learned that communication is one of the very important keys to balance and without it you could be nowhere but left in the dark. I learned the hard way that not everything can go the way you want it to be. It’s never good to assume that all things are right in your world because in reality they could be the exact opposite, which is where I ended up finding myself.

What I am ultimately trying to say is that you should try to step out of the picture every once in awhile because you never know what insight that perspective can bring you.


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