Then & Now pt. 2

The inspiration for this post is all the love and support that I have been getting after my recent weight loss journey. From mid-July to the beginning of October I had undergone a huge lifestyle change after recent events. I figured that instead of looking at everything in a negative light and dwelling on the past, there could be some good to come out of all of this. Coincidentally, I came across this viral tumblr post that essentially outlines some of the steps that I took. For your leisure, it’s called How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps.

Here’s a bit of a back story if I haven’t told you this before:

Believe it or not I used to be the skinniest kid in school, nearly just skin and bones. Pictured below is me in the 9th grade weighing in at a massive 120 pounds with a 30in waist – I’m the one in the middle. Mannn I miss those days when I didn’t have a beer belly… When my family moved here the following year, one of the biggest mistakes was discovering the dollar menu, cheap fast food, and the availability of it. In Canada, a huge contributing factor to the lack of obesity is the expensive prices of fast food which deters people from frequently eating all that junk. What also didn’t help was the fact that my tita, whose house we lived in until we got our own place, catered on the weekends so there was always tons of food to eat. Soon enough I started packing on some weight and by the end of high school I weighed about 150 pounds.

Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.49.13 PM

Fast forward to my college days. I ballooned to the heaviest I have ever weighed in my life – a whopping 180 pounds with a 36in waist. I had an unlimited meal plan when I lived on campus and drank nearly every single weekend.  Shoutout to the freshman15! … but it was more like the freshman30 for me lol
Screen Shot 2015-11-03 at 11.53.19 PM

Fast forward a little more to around this time, but last year. After getting fed up with the size of the clothes I was wearing and the unhealthy lifestyle I was living, I took the initiative to join a local gym to start shredding the pounds. But here’s the crazy part: after a year of constantly going to the gym I neither gained nor lost any weight so I relinquished my membership. What I’ve been told before in the past is that diet is the biggest key that attributes to weight loss, and that is exactly what I did. So here I am today, pictured below weighing in at 150 pounds and down to wearing 32W pants! I currently have a goal to get down to 140 and then start gaining some muscle and mass.

I find it funny whenever I have seen someone for the first time since my hiatus because the most common reaction has been “whoa! you’re so skinny now!” and it always gives me a boost of confidence. My self-esteem has been the lowest of the low recently and it truly helps to have the support that I do. Without further ado, here is the running list of things that have attributed to my lifestyle change:

  • No alcohol, especially beer. If I drink it is only on verrry rare ocassions now.
  • Absolutely no rice. Surprisingly it wasn’t difficult for me to give up and I never crave it anymore.
  • Substitute vegetables for carbs when possible.
  • No juice or soda. Drink lots of water instead.
  • Having a broken heart. Done multiple times by the same person if possible.
  • No fast food.
  • Taking the stairs as much as possible at work and cardio on the weekends.

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