What a Year…

Before I step foot into 2019, I need to let go of the following, and in no particular order:

  • the past
  • things that I cannot control
  • mistakes & heartache
  • chasing people

Will I? I sure hope so.

I am not entirely sure what the lesson or purpose of this year was. I entered it being the happiest that I had ever been, with the person that I thought would be my person for life. Then just like that, at the turn of the summer, it became fiction. And the rest of the year just became a filler. So that’s that.

Onto the good stuff! One of my favorite highlights of the year came from PW and RW’s wedding! It was the first friend-wedding I had the pleasure of attending, and words cannot describe the atmosphere and feeling there was to be a part of it. Speaking of weddings… a bunch of friends that are near and dear to my heart got engaged!! I teared up at hearing JF’s proposal to MB… so many feeeeeels (in addition to PW bawling the entire time).

Another highlight (but not the greatest) came from traveling to Chicago by myself during Veteran’s Day Weekend. I was in need of some soul searching given the aforementioned events, and I figured that this could be one of the ways to do it. I don’t regret taking the trip, but lets just say that I won’t ever be traveling by myself again.

As much as I want to put 2018 behind me, I still somehow feel that it will shape a much better 2019. I need to believe and trust in God that what I am going through right now is only temporary. That’s all it is. Lastly, I cannot express enough how thankful I am to have the people in my life that are still in it — most especially my ates TB, PW, MB for always being there when they know I need someone to talk to.

I’m not quite ready for the new year, but bring it on!



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